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Since 1967

Dock Hose

Dock Hose

Novaflex 3261 Dock Hose

dock hose 3261

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This is a multi-purpose hose designed for suction
and discharge applications. This dock hose is
highly flexible and has an all weather cover which
is resistant to oil, cuts, abrasion and gouges.
The tube is resistant to petroleum products with
aromatics content to 55%. Meets all US Coast
Guard requirements for Dock/OS & D. hose.
Tube: Nitrile
Reinforcement: Multiple plies polyester tire
cord and steel wire helix.
Cover: Smooth black oil resistant neoprene.
Temperature Range: -30°F (-35°C) to +200°F (+93°C)

Novaflex 3265 Corrugated Dock Hose

dock hose 3265

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Specially designed for barge unloading where
flexibility and ease of handling are required.
Special tire cord reinforcement with dual wire
helix and corrugated cover enhances the
characteristics. Tube resistant to 55% aromatic
fuels. Construction:
Tube: NBR
Reinforcement: Polyester tire cord, dual wire
Cover: Black NBR/PVC corrugated
Ends: Straight
Length 100 ft (max)
Temperature Range: -30°F (-35°C) to +200°F (+93°C)

Novaflex 3277 Dock Hose (Smooth Cover)

dock hose 3277


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Meets BS EN 1765, Type S15.
A special design to meet international
requirements, complies with the BS EN
1765 standard for Type S 15 dock
hose. This hose has built in nipples with
flanges but is available with crimped on
coupling & flanges through 8” ID. All
hoses come with test certificates. Tube
resistant to 55% aromatic fuels.
Tube: NBR
Reinforcement: Polyester tire cord plies with helix wire
Cover: Black NBR blend
Ends: Straight (built in nipples & crimped available)
Length: 100 ft
Temperature Range: 30°F (-35°C) to +200°F (+93°C)t