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Since 1967

Oil Field Hose

High Pressure Frac Hose

Novaflex 3270 300 psi WP Oil Field Vacuum Hose

oil field 3270 hose

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A tank truck service, including oil field vacuum truck
service, where full suction is required. Ideal for
handling crude oil, salt & fresh water, tank bottoms,
drilling mud, along with diluted solutions of
hydrochloric acids and diesel fuels. (Not for use
with oil base fluids.)
Note: Not recommended for refined
petroleum products such as gasoline!
Tube: Black Type C Nitrile
Reinforcement: Multiple plies of polyester tire
cord & helix wire
Cover: Smooth Black SBR
Temperature Range: -40°(-40°C) to +180°F (+82°C)

Novaflex 3273 Oil Field Fracturing Hose

3273 frac hose

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Oil Field Fracturing Hose is designed for higher pressure
discharge applications that require working pressures
up to 400 psi. This hose is a rugged design and
has an all weather cover which is resistant to oil,
cuts, abrasion and gouges. This hose can have
a UHMWP wear cover added for additional
abrasion resistance (U version). The tube is
resistant to petroleum products with aromatic
content to 55%.
Tube: Nitrile
Reinforcement: Multiple plies polyester tire cord
with static wire.
Cover: a. Smooth black oil, ozone & UV resistant compound.
b. Optional UHMWP wear cover in the U version
Temperature range: -40°F (-40°C) to +200°F (+93°C)


Novaflex 3278 Corrugated Oil Field Vac Hose

3278 oil field frac hose


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Novaflex® 3278 is a rugged suction and discharge,
flexible hose designed for oilfield vacuum truck and
oilfield fracturing applications. This hose is ideal
where applications require a hose designed for the
transfer of petroleum based fluids.
Tube: Black nitrile
Reinforcement: Multiple tire cord layers & dual wire helix,
full suction and discharge
Cover: Black oil abrasion, ozone & UV resistant
Temperature Range: -40°(-40°C) to +180°F (+82°C)
Branding: Full suction /150 psi WP